Awareness Program

Various types of awareness programs are conducted under the auspices of Om Swastik Foundation. Through which population increase, AIDS prevention, government schemes, health related camps etc. are organized and promoted.

Aids banner

Aids and Population growth program

Om Swastik Foundation running various awareness programs. becuase there are many myths in our society for Aids and population growth. We help people that how can them protection against Aids and population growth. There are two-phase of Aids first is person is effected but no symptom is coming out second phase is when Aids symptom coming out.

Population increase day by day We help people to control the population with the help of various types of family planning running by the government . Our volunteer provides and necessary information and required resources totally free of cost.

Rehabilitation ,Teaching training ,Welfare Scheme

Disseminated divorced, aged, widowed destitute women, maintenance and care of children/girls, education, training, rehabilitation, welfare-related welfare schemes, promotion of various schemes.

Rehabilitation ,Teaching training ,Welfare Scheme

Save Earth

Natural resource conservation

We all know the earth has limited natural resources. Human use these resources without any restrictions. If we do not aware of natural resource consumption and environmental pollution then We will have to face very bad consequences in the future . Om Swastik Foundation makes people aware of natural resources. Details of our working given below

  • Water conservation and water supply
  • Air pollution
  • Sound pollution
  • For the sake of Ganga pollution and cleaning, getting the help of the National and International community.

Deaddiction Program

Alcohol and substance abuse is rampant in Indian society, and it’s left to the private sector to provide adequate support systems like deaddiction centers. So Om Swastik Foundation has running a de-addiction program across the nation. Our aim is to Conduct de-addiction campaigns and establish de-addiction centers for youths who are trapped in intoxication.

Drug Addiction