Health Program

Om Swastik Foundation A leading charity working for needy people of India. It has one of the largest healthcare programs across India, providing free healthcare services to destitute, players, poor and some animal as well.


Prosthesis Arrangement

Om Swastik Foundation is doing many work for the development of physical challenge people, details are given below

  • To arrange for handicapped school
  • residential school for the disabled
  • provide free of cost equipment and equipment for its rehabilitation.

Promoting Health

Health is wealth this is a universal truth. Om Swastik Foundation knows what is the importance of sports in our life health point of view. Playing sports can make you healthier and happier because of the physical activity involved. Sport should be promoted in the way of creating awareness among the people by engaging all from their childhood. Positive experiences that sports and an active lifestyle bring play an important role in a young person’s life. We arrange programs to promote the sport to youth we also try to make rid of youth from mobile. We not only run awareness program but also we arrange all the things to achieved sports.