Disaster Management

Om Swastik Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to provide disaster response and preparedness services to the vulnerable communities in both crisis and non-crisis situations.

flood picutre of varanasi

Natural Disasters Management

Natural disasters are generally recurrent and unpredictable events that require integrated effort of all the local groups, national & international level authorities.

Om swastik Foundation aims to provide relief materials, organize health camp, get involved in rescue operations, arrange temporary shelters and much more so people are able to survive and recover from disasters.

We provide special training to our volunteers, officers that help them extend aid during difficult times. We started providing relief and recovery support to the most affected people by

  • Food & Water Distribution
  • Distributing shelter & hygiene kits
  • Public Health Promotion activities at relief camps
  • Conducting water, sanitation and hygiene programme
  • Recovery after flood down